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Blushes aside, temporarily, a few things people say about us and our work...


We are modest by nature, so this will be short.

However, this client's experience so closely mirrors our philosophy we'll set aside our bashfulness for a moment...

"Business recommendations are easy to make. You can talk about hard work, creativity, or attention to detail, or professionalism... Or all of that stuff.

But it's harder to talk about friendship, or great advice that's generously and freely given, or respect, or the value of experience... or laughter. Stephen embodies the traditional business touchstones above, and I'd recommend him on that basis alone.

But he's also been a mentor to me, which is something I hadn't expected. By the time we met I'd already been running my business for over 10 years. You tend to think you know everything by then, turns out I was wrong. Glad I was.

Turns out life's more fun and profitable since I got to know Stephen. You should try it."

Nick Warren,
Managing Director
Semantic Limited

A little more press... IT&M Shows

Following the launch of International Theatre & Music's responsive website the client received a number of mails from customers commenting on the new site.

IT&M are in the business of creating and licensing musicals for performance by professional and amateur theatre, colleges and schools worldwide.

As their business had grown, each show was represented by it's own website.

The challenge was to bring each of the shows and the producing company under one roof.

The result was a responsive website (almost 50% of their pageviews are on smartphones or tablets) for a specialist audience that requires easy to navigate, detailed information in a clear and accessible manner. We are delighted by the positive reaction IT&M received from their clients.

IT&M Client Comments

"LOVE the new website. Looks much more up to date... slide show really catches the eye... everything laid out and to me, much easier to navigate. Great job!" Texas, USA

"I think it looks great. It’s easy to navigate around and captures my interest right away. I love the photos at the top. I like the resources section idea... We love your shows." UK

"The new website looks fantastic, it's well organised and very clear." The Netherlands

"Turns out life's more fun and profitable since I got to know Stephen. You should try it."
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